4 Reasons To Have Your Teeth Straightened

By not dealing with crooked teeth, people put themselves at risk to problems with that can affect overall oral health. Although there are many reasons to correct this situation, there are four main reasons why it is necessary to get teeth straightened, preferably when a person is still young, and the teeth are easier to shift into proper position.

However, even adults who have crooked teeth should seek out a dentist to straighten teeth, who will offer several options to make the process as simple and painless as possible. The main reasons to have this done include:

  1. The process of teeth straightening makes it possible to avoid cavities better. If a person's teeth are very crooked, then food will often lodge in between teeth, making it hard to get it out. Having straight teeth allows a person to maneuver through teeth more effectively while flossing.

  2. Having teeth that are straight make it possible for a person to feel confident. Having crooked teeth can prevent a person from looking and feeling his or her best. Once a person's teeth are straighter, especially after a long period of dealing with crooked teeth, a person can find himself or herself going through life with the confidence that he or she deserves.

  3. There have been plenty of studies that prove that people who take care of their oral health  live longer. A person's mouth is host to all kinds of bacteria, so the cleaner a person's mouth is, the better this reflects on the entire body's health as a whole. Teeth that are straight are easier to keep clean than teeth that are crooked.

  4. Having crooked teeth sometimes means that they are sticking or procuring outward, which exposes these teeth to accidents. Crooked teeth are more prone to injury. When teeth straightening occurs, the teeth are all one level throughout the mouth, lessen instances like this.

Improve overall oral health

As a person ages, tooth loss is something that most people deal with. There are many reasons for this, but a primary cause is the buildup of plaque and bacteria on teeth and gums. Gingivitis and other health-related issues have a direct connection to crooked teeth because it is more difficult to keep crooked teeth clean.

Infections in a person's gums or gums that begin to recede expose the teeth to issues that can lead to tooth loss. Plaque buildup on teeth also has direct ties to heart health as well as the plaque that builds up in arteries is similar to the plaque that builds up on teeth.

Having straight teeth will limit oral health issues. Give us a call, and we will gladly go over all of your teeth straightening questions today.

Request an appointment in our Metairie office here: https://www.drcharvet.com.

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