5 Helpful Tips for A Broken Tooth

Broken ToothGot a broken tooth? Not sure what to do? Breaking one of your teeth is serious, making it a good idea for you to visit a dentist as soon as you possibly can. Although there are many reasons for why a tooth might break when a tooth does break it is likely because the tooth is not as strong as it could be. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your teeth stronger, thus preventing potential future breaks, i.e. eat calcium-rich foods, avoid sugary foods, brush twice daily, floss.

Modern dentistry has seen a lot of improvements over the years, which means it is highly likely a dentist can repair the tooth no matter how bad the break is. The following information tells you what you can do if you break a tooth.

5 helpful tips when you break a tooth

A broken tooth can be chipped, fractured, or cracked, which is dependent upon the severity of the break. Generally speaking, anytime you crack, chip, fracture or break a tooth you will need to see a dentist for treatment. If you do not seek treatment, then the damage will only get worse and eventually cause an infection.

1. Preserve the tooth

If a piece of your tooth breaks off, it is crucial to head to the dentist as soon as possible. While on the road, put the piece of the tooth in a glass of milk. Saliva is also a good choice for storing the tooth. If you cannot find the piece of tooth, still head to the dentist as soon as possible.

2. Rinse the mouth

Rinsing the mouth with plain warm water will clean the mouth in preparation for a potential dentist appointment. Make sure to remove the piece of the broken tooth before rinsing the mouth so that you do not swallow the piece of the tooth.

3. Stop the bleeding

If there is bleeding, use a soft clean cloth to gently apply pressure to the area. A wet tea bag can also help by placing it directly on the area. A cold compress can also reduce any swelling that may be occurring.

4. Apply dental cement

Dental cement is an option if the broken tooth is causing any discomfort, which is available at the local pharmacy or drugstore. This tip is especially beneficial for those who have a more severe break and cannot get to the dentist as quickly as they need.

5. Consider pain reliever medication

Taking an over the counter pain reliever is highly suggested if any pain is involved. Know that while not all tooth breaks result in pain, more serious breaks can result in severe pain if the nerve happens to become exposed.

Dental emergencies

When you have a broken tooth, it can be considered as a dental emergency. Even though a tooth break may be small and for that reason, you may think it is no big deal, any size break will weaken the tooth. Because people who have weak teeth are more prone to breakage, it really is important to fix a broken tooth no matter how small the break may be.

Seeing a professional dentist is the only way to properly fix your broken tooth so you can get back on track to your good oral health. If you are in need of emergency dental care, contacting us asap is your first step.

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