A General Dentist Discusses the Benefits of Dental Technology


To benefit from the latest in dental technology, visit Charvet Dental Center.  As a Metairie, LA general dentist office, we use solutions like digital impressions and 3D CT machine guided implant surgery to produce stunning results and beautiful restorations.  Whether you need a 70002 same day dentist to restore a chipped tooth or you are looking for an oral appliance to give you relief from sleep apnea, we have the modern dental solutions you require.  You can experience the benefits of dental technology by calling (504) 834-6504 and scheduling an appointment with our dental office.

Some of the Benefits of Dental Technology Are –

#1 It’s digital.

As a general dentist, we use dental technology to capture images digitally and to take digital impressions.  This means that you are exposed to less radiation and the process is not messy like it once was.  Imagine not having to bite into impression clay again – now you don’t need to!

#2 Quicker procedures.

We are a Metairie same day dentist which means that we can restore your damaged teeth and improve your smile in one visit to our dental office.  Procedures that traditionally took two, three or four appointments can now be completed in one visit to our 70002 general dentist office.  This is far more convenient for anyone on a busy schedule.

#3 Improved accuracy.

One of the ways that we are improving accuracy at Charvet Dental Center is by offering 3D CT machine guided implant surgery.  This revolutionary approach to implant restorations allows for greater levels of accuracy and faster procedure times.

#4 Better-looking results.

When we improve accuracy with solutions like 3D CT machine guided implant surgery and digital impressions, we are creating dental restorations that look more natural and beautiful overall.

#5 More comfort.

As a same day dentist, we offer minimally and non-invasive solutions that are fast to place and easier to recover from.  This allows for more comfortable dental care and a better sense of wellbeing.  Other ways that we increase patient comfort is to offer solutions like an oral appliance that can be worn at home.

#6 Increased durability.

When you replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you are receiving a greater level of durability and longevity than what you can experience from a dental bridge or dentures.  In this procedure, a titanium post is implanted under your gums and secured to your jawbone.  Through the process of osseointegration, the bone will build around the implant, creating a new, secure root system as it does.  An implant can last for the rest of your life, providing you with the same abilities that your natural tooth would.  This is truly a win-win for dental technology and convenience.

Visit Our General Dentist Office Today

We welcome you to visit our Metairie, LA general dentist office to learn how new dental technology can be used to improve your oral health.  If you live in the 70002 area, call (504) 834-6504 to schedule your appointment with Charvet Dental Center.

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