Can Mercury Leak From Mercury Fillings?

Finding out information like whether or not mercury fillings are a safe filling choice for you is a great idea. When you have a cavity that needs to be filled you are going to have a few different filling choices to choose from. While fillings made using mercury are one of the strongest types of fillings available today, the fact that they are made using mercury along with other metals has many people wondering if this is a safe dental filling option. Ready to find out some beneficial information on mercury fillings and whether they leak mercury or not?

Why do people need fillings?

Fillings are necessary when someone has a cavity that needs to be filled. A cavity is a hole in the tooth that makes the tooth weaker. This hole needs to be filled so that the tooth can once again be strong. If someone has a cavity and does not get the hole filled, the hole will continue to get worse. If it gets too bad, then the tooth may need a root canal or even may need to be extracted. A filling makes a tooth stronger and even can prevent someone from needing to have a tooth pulled.

Fillings made using mercury

Mercury fillings are also known as metal fillings, silver fillings and amalgam fillings. The way the fillings are made is by using a combination of metals in order to make a super strong and stable dental material. Since the metals used to make the fillings include silver, tin, copper and mercury, anyone who is allergic to metals should make another filling choice.

Can mercury leak from mercury fillings?

Mercury does not actually leak from fillings but is, instead, slowly released via vapors. It is the inhaling of these vapors that can cause potential health problems in dental patients who already have or who are going to soon get mercury fillings. While the American Dental Association claims that this filling choice is a safe filling choice, it really depends on the dental patient. If a dental patient is sensitive or even allergic to metals, then they are much more likely to experience problems if they have mercury fillings in their teeth.

We are here for you

Can we answer any questions about mercury fillings for you? We have a great dental staff who really cares that everyone gets the correct dental information they need when making dental decisions. Your oral health is really important and when it comes to choosing a type of filling material for cavities, it really is a good idea for you to make a choice that works for you.

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