Do I Need a Tooth Extraction To Stop the Pain?

Tooth Extraction Metairie, LA

Dental patients sometimes assume that tooth extraction causes more pain than it alleviates, but this is not typically true. In fact, in many cases, extracting a tooth may be the only way to help a patient achieve complete pain relief. Though the need to pull a tooth may arise for several reasons, some are more common.

Common reasons for tooth extraction

Permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but issues can develop that may make this impossible. Many of those issues cause anything from mild discomfort to excruciating pain, the likes of which can only be relieved with tooth removal.


Tooth decay is the most common reason for tooth extraction across the globe. Typically, tooth decay takes years to progress to the point where it necessitates tooth removal, as it first affects the enamel — the outer layer of the tooth — and slowly eats its way inward, toward the pulp. Once bacteria reaches the center of the tooth, it can cause a root canal infection, which can cause swelling, tenderness, and pain, among other uncomfortable symptoms.

If tooth decay progresses to the point of infection, a dentist may recommend removal. Extraction can help a dentist get to the infected or dead tissue, remove it, and successfully alleviate the pain.  

Overcrowded teeth

Decay is preventable, but overcrowding is not. When a person’s mouth is too small to comfortably fit all the adult teeth, the growth of new teeth — typically the molars — may cause discomfort or pain. In these cases, a dentist may recommend extraction to create more space in the mouth and eliminate pain. Removing teeth because of overcrowding can also help move the teeth into alignment and give patients a more attractive smile.

Impacted teeth

Sometimes, a new tooth only partially erupts. This typically happens when there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate the new teeth. When a tooth becomes impacted, it can cause pain in several ways.

First, the new tooth may push against existing teeth, creating pressure at the back of the mouth. Second, impacted teeth usually result in a flap along the gum line, where food can get caught. When food gets caught in the gums, that area can become infected and swollen. Third, the impacted area can develop cysts, which can damage the teeth, jawbone, and nerves. Finally, an impacted tooth can affect other tooth and cause decay, which is painful in and of itself.

Extracting the teeth before they erupt can prevent pain and discomfort entirely. As well, removing the impacted teeth after they partially erupt can put an end to the patient’s pain and prevent further complications.

Broken teeth

Broken teeth can cause pain and sensitivity. When the tooth is broken to the point where restoration is not possible, the dentist may recommend removal and replacing the tooth with a bridge or implant.


There are several instances in which tooth extraction may help patients to alleviate pain and improve their overall oral health. Discuss your options with a local dentist. 

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