How Long Does it Take to Close a Gap in Your Teeth?

TeethThe space between two teeth is known as the diastemas. While it can occur anywhere in the mouth, it is more common between the front ones. A gap between the front teeth can make most people very self-conscious. It is better to deal with the problem sooner than later. After you receive your consultation, you will find out what kind of procedure you may require and how long it may take.

Two methods for closing the gap

There are two ways of closing the gap. The first one is to move your teeth closer together and the second one is to make your teeth wider. The teeth can be brought closer with the help of braces. Adults and children can benefit from them. There are many ways getting braces. You can have them placed on the inside of your teeth. The other option is to use clear braces, for cosmetic reasons.

Your dentists have to find a way to close the gaps between your teeth to avoid creating gaps elsewhere. The treatment can take from 6 to 9 months depending on the condition of your gaps. The second way is to make the teeth wider. Depending on your habits and the condition of your teeth, the dentist may suggest dental bonding.

Dental bonding can camouflage the gap between your teeth. It is a cosmetic procedure in which the doctor uses a tooth-colored composite resin. They can quickly sculpt it into the right size and shape for your mouth. This process does not require more than a few hours. The dentist will choose a color that matches your teeth and then prepares it for the procedure. The process is simple and only lasts one visit.

Here are some other options:

Other gap in teeth treatments

You can also use porcelain veneer for dental bonding because they are considered a better option due to their longevity and looks. You should always choose between the options based on your personal needs and what you can afford.

Keep in mind that you have to wait for a longer time with braces before you can notice any significant change. Moreover, you do not have to have replacements as you do for bonding but you do have to keep them in place. On the other hand, dental bonding is much less time consuming it does require extra care as the bonding is not as strong as real teeth.  You need to care about what you put in your mouth because hard and sticky stuff will decrease the life of the bonding material.

Filling the gaps between your teeth can bring a lot of change to you physically and mentally. Many people suffer from self-esteem issue due to the condition of their teeth. It is advisable that whatever problem you may be having you consult it with your dentist and ask questions. Do not try to come up with your solutions if you are not a dentist.


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