How Many Visits Will a Professional Teeth Bleaching Procedure Take?

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Teeth bleaching is getting a lot of attention in recent years. It is clear to see why this is the case. Whiter teeth mean a more attractive smile. If you have been hiding your teeth because you are embarrassed about stains, your dentist can help. You can take advantage of in-office treatments to erase discoloration and improve your appearance.

Reasons to check out teeth bleaching

Many people want to do something about stained teeth but may not be sure where to start. Some people buy toothpaste or whitening strip products. These can work but usually are not as effective as in-office procedures. Whitening teeth can help a person feel good about smiling and even improve self-esteem. It can also be a way to encourage diligent brushing and flossing habits, as these practices help maintain white teeth.

Discussing the possibilities

Often, a patient will use a regular wellness checkup to talk to the dentist about teeth bleaching. The two can discuss available options, including in-office procedures and take-home trays. The dentist will discuss what to expect from the processes, including the benefits and challenges. The patient should discuss their goals, and the dentist can determine whether the person is a good candidate.

The in-office process

Professional teeth bleaching in the office is a common choice. Here, the dentist uses a highly concentrated gel of hydrogen peroxide and applies it to the person’s teeth. The molecules break down the stains, helping the teeth to become whiter. Heat or light may speed up the process. Usually, the chemical will stay on the person’s teeth for about an hour during this appointment.

Number of visits

One of the biggest reasons why patients can benefit from in-office teeth whitening is that it does not require multiple trips. Some procedures only require a single trip to the dentist’s office. With some other procedures, the dentist will have the patient return a few weeks later. In some situations, the dentist may send the patient home with some hydrogen peroxide gel and trays. The person would wear these each night for the next several weeks to continue improving the whiteness of their teeth.

The results

The effects of this teeth bleaching will vary from patient to patient. However, many people experience immediate visible results from the treatment. Whiter teeth can last for years too, depending on how well the patient takes care of their teeth. It is essential to brush twice a day and floss daily. The person should also continue to visit the dentist for semiannual checkups. The patient can avoid further staining by limiting soda, coffee, and tea.

Long-lasting white teeth are possible

It can be embarrassing to have discolored, stained teeth. If you have this issue, you may avoid social situations or may have low self-esteem. With just one or two trips to the dentist’s office, you can transform your yellow, brown teeth into beautiful white ones. Teeth bleaching is an effective way to revive your smile and have the look you have been wanting. Call your dentist today so you can schedule an appointment to begin your teeth-whitening procedure.

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