Is Same Day Dentistry Safe?

Same Day Dentistry Metairie, LA

Many dental patients come in for cleanings, but more are coming for same day dentistry. Many require dental intervention to improve cosmetics or correct issues. Others come in to stop degenerative processes. Planning a visit and coming in usually requires taking time off work. With multiple visits, it takes longer to do the procedure. Keep reading to find out more about same day dentistry.

How does it work?

With same day dentistry techniques, the dentist will use modern technology. Some dental procedures can be condensed. For instance, a milling machine can be used to create the restoration right in the dentist’s office. These are aided by computers.

The system has a scanning device that can take detailed scans of the teeth. That way, the replacement or repair of the existing teeth can be done in just one visit. It might seem incredible, but patients can get metal-free crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers. That way, the process can take less than normally. Plus, missing teeth can be replaced on the same day.

Why choose same day dentistry?

With same day dentistry, patients can benefit from dentists who follow the latest technology. Digital scans are usually more comfortable for patients. There are no trays of the thick substance to take impressions. This process is less invasive and is less likely to make the patients gag.

Often, patients are more satisfied after same day procedures. There are no temporary crowns while waiting for a lab to make the tooth. That means that patients can both feel and look good after an appointment. This technology will not negatively impact the long-lasting success of the procedure.

It only takes a few hours of the patient’s time. Plus, it is easy to visualize the results digitally. That allows for immediate communication. The adjustment can be made immediately.

Is same day dentistry harmless?

Some people getting same day dentistry services might be concerned about their health. The good news is that getting same-day dental implants will not lengthen the integration time. This is related to the body’s ability to repair itself, and that will not change because of same-day procedures. However, there are a few ways that patients with same-day implants can speed the integration process.

Patient engagement is vital. The implants should not move very much to prevent implant failure. That means that the patient will need to eat soft foods and be careful with cleaning. Although the teeth will be in place, the bonding period might take three to six months. The dentist can help the patient decide if this is the right option. It is important for the dentist to be experienced in providing these services to patients for a good outcome.

Choose same day dentistry today

With same day dentistry, you can get a healthy journey toward having a beautiful smile. Choosing a dentist who keeps up with the latest technology is a good idea. That includes same day dentistry services. With these services, you can have a more positive experience in the dental chair. Making an appointment today is your first step toward a better smile.

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