Popular Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth WhiteningWanting a whiter brighter smile? Great! More and more people are looking into their teeth whitening options these days now that they have a few different whitening options from which to choose from. Maybe you are looking into your teeth whitening options because you feel like your teeth are not as bright as they used to be and feel they would look better if you lightened them a shade or two? Or maybe you like to drink a lot of teas or coffee and your teeth are becoming a little bit stained? Whatever the reason for your wanting to whiten your teeth, there is definitely a top teeth whitening option that is going to work best for your particular situation.

Popular teeth whitening treatments

The following are some of the more popular teeth whitening treatments available nowadays.

  • Gels. Whitening gels work by applying it directly to the surface of the teeth. Whitening gels must be used on a regular basis in order for them to work. Results are often seen within a week. A few months of using whitening gels will allow one to see the final and ultimate whitening results, with most experiencing two shades of whitening.

  • Strips. Whitening strips are placed over the teeth and worn for a short period of time everyday in order to whiten teeth. Top whitening strips use peroxide to whiten one's teeth and can often whiten teeth up to two shades. Results are often seen within a matter of days, with the final and ultimate whitening results being seen at about four months.

  • Toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste can help to remove surface stains on the teeth and are able to whiten teeth by one or two shades. Whitening toothpaste contains a mild abrasive and usually take about a month to see results. In order to maintain any whitening results, the toothpaste must continue to be used.

  • Rinses. Whitening rinses are similar to a mouthwash in that they help eliminate dental plaque as well as freshen breath. What makes whitening rinse different is that they also include teeth whitening ingredients, like hydrogen peroxide. It can take up to three months in order for someone to see any results when rinses are used.

  • Trays. Whitening options that use trays work when a whitening solution is put inside the tray and requires one to keep the tray in their mouth for a couple of hours or so every day. Results are often noticed within a few days.

  • In office teeth bleaching. In office teeth bleaching is one of the fastest ways for one to see the best teeth whitening results. An experienced dentist will apply the bleaching product directly to the teeth and then use special light and/or heat technologies to whiten the teeth. Impressive results are often seen within an hour. If one needs a higher degree of whitening then they are able to make another appointment for further teeth bleaching.


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