Reasons Adult Braces Are Now More Attractive and Advantageous

Adult BracesNearly one-half of orthodontics patients are adults seeking out adult braces to straighten their teeth perfectly. With smaller brackets, less obtrusive metal bands, and alternative straightening options at affordable prices, the reasons for not getting adult braces pale in comparison to the benefits. Straighten your teeth now to enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth for years to come.

Adult Braces Are Easily Attainable

Growing up, you may have hesitated to get braces because you didn't want to put a financial strain on your parents. With time, braces have become more affordable, and you now have an income of your own to use as you please. As an adult, it is a great time to get braces because you can now afford it. Even if you are worried about finances, we can work with you to create a payment plan that works for you, and insurance may even help pay to have your teeth straightened, especially if your teeth are making dentist visits for repairs more prevalent.

Adult Braces Are More Attractive

As mentioned in the introduction, braces are now being made with small components. The smaller the components, the less noticeable the braces. The braces we develop for adults are hassle-free and comfortable to wear. If you don't like the idea of traditional metal adult braces, you can choose ceramic braces that are tooth-colored for less visibility, or clear aligners that are transparent. No matter which option you decide on, the adult braces and straightening treatments we offer are as disguised as possible, so they do not distract others from your beautiful smile. With our adult braces, you can go about your business life and social life as you would have without braces while never feeling self-conscious or less attractive.

Adult Braces Are Advantageous

As you have most likely heard, adult braces provide you with more than just a more attractive smile. Straightening that occurs with adult braces or alternative straightening methods results in fewer cavities, fewer dental bills, less cleaning hassle, a shorter flossing period, and whiter teeth. With crowding and crooked teeth, it is hard to reach every crevice and provide your teeth with the brushing and flossing they need to effectively remineralize, preventing cavities. Once you receive straightening treatment, you will experience a noticeable difference in your oral cleaning routine that frees up your time in more ways than one. You may even get to visit the dentist less for restorations and teeth whitening treatments.

In addition to the health advantages of braces, you may notice people enjoy your smile more, and you may experience more success in your career. People with straighter teeth come across as more beautiful and more hygienic.

These are merely a few of the reasons adults pursue adult braces and straightening treatments regardless of their age. To gain an upper hand on life and to enjoy a more impressive smile, visit or contact our Metairie office at (504) 208-4751 to learn more about having your teeth straightened.

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