Restorative Dentistry Benefits


If you live in Metairie, LA or the 70002 area, you can visit Charvet Dental Center for a dental restoration.  We can replace your missing teeth using solutions like an implant restoration, dentures or bridges.  If your teeth are infected or damaged we have solutions like a root canal, crowns, and veneers that can be used to restore their appearance and functionality.  Since we are a cosmetic dentist office, it does not matter which solution you select.  All of our restorative options can be created to blend in with your surrounding teeth so that your smile appears fully intact.  This way, no one will be able to tell that you ever had a dental emergency.  To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling (504) 208-4751.

Our Dental Restoration Services Include:

  • Implant restoration.  Patients of Charvet Dental Center can benefit greatly from an implant restoration.  There is no other solution that is as durable, long-lasting or natural looking as a dental implant for tooth replacement.  It is the only solution that gives you a new root system while also restoring your missing tooth.
  • Dentures.  Many of our Metairie, LA patients prefer dentures because it is a solution they know and trust.  The dentures we create are designed to fit perfectly and to look like natural teeth so that it is difficult to tell they are a prosthetic solution.
  • Bridges.  Another way to replace missing teeth, bridges are a fixed solution that does not require oral surgery.  Secured in place using dental crowns, a bridge can be an ideal solution for partial teeth replacement.  If you live in the 70002 area and want to learn more about dental bridges, come visit our office for a consultation.
  • Root canal.  For teeth that are infected, a root canal can work wonders.  Primarily it is used to remove the infected portion of the tooth which can include the dental pulp and roots.  Once the infection is removed, the tooth will feel much better and it can begin to return to good health.  Once the root canal is complete, we may finish the procedure with dental crowns in order to protect the tooth.
  • Crowns.  Dental crowns are a common restorative dentistry solution because they are a cap that surrounds teeth.  If a tooth is missing a large portion of the enamel or there is a large crack or chip, crowns can restore it both physically and aesthetically. 
  • And more!  Our other dental restoration solutions include dental bonding and dental veneers, among others.

For Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry Solutions, Schedule an Appointment

Charvet Dental Center welcomes you to schedule an appointment with our Metairie, LA dental office.  We can examine you, take x-rays, and let you know which solutions will work best for restoring your smile.  Whether you need an implant restoration, dentures, bridges, root canal, or crowns, we can provide you with the quality care you need to have a fully restored, healthy smile.  To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our 70002 office call (504) 208-4751.

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