Teeth Bleaching: The Procedure

Over time, the teeth begin to fade in color. They may no longer be that pearly white that everyone wishes to achieve, some may yellow while others may remain a shade of white, but not the sparkly white. Thankfully, there are bleaching options for the teeth to get back to the bright white color that they desire.

While there are at-home whitening options, the most effective way to get the teeth pearly white again is to visit the dentist. Most dentist offices offer teeth bleaching procedures where they handle the whitening for a person. However, dental bleaching does tend to be pricey, it is often worth it for the outcome.

Today, we will go over the procedure of bleaching the teeth. Knowing the steps that are taken at a dentist’s office will benefit those considering getting their teeth bleached by their dentist.

Teeth bleaching procedure

Gum gel

Aside from getting to the dentist and going over the procedure, the first step that will take place is the gum gel application. The dentist will pull your lips back in order to get a better view of the teeth and then he or she will apply a protective gel all over the gums. This gel will ensure that the bleaching agents do not touch the gums because the chemicals can be harmful. After the gel application, he or she will likely use a highly intensive light to harden the gel. Hardening of the gel also acts as a way to protect the gums further.

Whitening gel

After the gum gel has hardened completely, the dentist will take the whitening gel and apply it carefully to the teeth. The whitening gel contains a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide which is the main component used in dental bleaching agents. Hydrogen peroxide is made with elements that break down the stains on the surface through oxidation.

Depending on the dentist and the office, he or she may use another high-intensity light to speed up the bleaching process.


Typically a dentist will rinse the gel application from the teeth and reapply the bleaching solution a few more times to ensure a great outcome. The entire bleaching process usually doesn’t extend past 60 minutes, but it is important for the person to be patient because sometimes, several applications are necessary. A dentist will typically reapply the whitening solution until the teeth become whiter.


Dental bleaching procedures can be very beneficial to a person’s self-esteem and overall look. Knowing what the procedure is like will be helpful to those who are considering having their teeth bleached. While it is pricey, it is known to be much more effective than at-home whitening solutions.

If you want to know more about dental bleaching procedures, then give us a call today. Our trained staff is happy to help in any way that we can.

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