What To Do If Food Keeps Getting Stuck in My Teeth or Gums?

TeethWhile some people seem to rarely face the problem of food getting stuck in their teeth, many others always have this problem. It usually depends on the type of food they have consumed. For instance, some leftovers will stick between your teeth after eating victuals like spinach or popcorn. On the other hand, some people experience food stuck in their teeth gums after every meal.


It might be due to a small space formed between your teeth due to the cavity or cracked tooth. Even if you get a filling or crown to fill it up, space might still be there due to it not being adjacent to the nearby tooth. Whatever the reason might be for the food getting stuck in our teeth, there are a few home-based measures you can take if the case is not severe.

If your situation is causing a lot of pain, it is best to visit the dentist.  Food stuck in the teeth not only feels uncomfortable, but it also looks foolish when you are amongst a group of people as an adult. Instead of fiddling with your tongue to get rid of the pesky, uncomfortable food particles out of your teeth, try these safe ways to get rid of it.

Use your tongue or finger

If you immediately figure out that a food particle is sticking in your teeth, your finger or tongue should be the first method for you to try. You should not resort to harmful ways to remove food until both of these methods fail, and the food particle is too obstinately stuck. It is crucial that you do not bite your nail since that can damage the enamel of the teeth.

Brush and floss

If you are at home, there is no better way to get rid of the lodged food particles stuck between your teeth than brush and floss. Sometimes, if the particle is not badly stuck, it easily comes out with a normal toothbrush. But if you have eaten something meaty, such as mutton and the shred of it has gone too in, you better floss.

Use salt water solution

Again a home-based remedy- gargle the mouth with a solution made by amalgamating salt and water can help you get rid of stuck food particles. The saltwater solution is mainly advisable for inhibiting the breed of bacteria in the mouth. Washing the mouth with this solution twice a day saves from a lot of other teeth and gum related problems as well.

Use a toothpick

If you are in a restaurant, you can always find a toothpick around. Instead of using a metal or related object such as fork, always use a toothpick because it is gentle on tooth and gums. It is also highly recommended to keep a toothpick with you in your wallet or purse if you frequently find food getting stuck between your teeth.

How can you really use this?

If the food remains stuck even after trying all of the ways above of removing it, it is better to schedule an appointment with your dentist instead of forcing it to come out on your own.

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