Metairie Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Get a Beautiful Smile

Dr. Charvet and their team have years of experience helping patients from Metairie and the surrounding area discover new, beautiful smiles using modern, painless techniques. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment with our office to learn what we can do for your smile!

Here are a few such solutions that we may discuss during your consultation.

Invisalign Metairie

Clear Aligners

An important part of cosmetic dentistry is straightening teeth. We have a variety of solutions that can change the appearance of teeth to make them look straighter. Most of these do not, however, actually straighten the teeth.

Clear braces is a treatment that involves wearing clear aligners that have been custom-created to address your specific dental challenges.

By wearing each aligner for a period prescribed by Dr. Charvet, your teeth will move that much closer to being straight. Many people around Metairie enjoy this solution because the aligners are nearly invisible.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

At Charvet Dental Center, we recommend professional teeth whitening as one of the first procedures you try. By whitening your teeth, you can remove signs of aging and any stains.

Dr. Charvet complete this treatment right away and give you quality results that you can immediately be proud of for your smile. While store-bought whitening kits work, they provide a less dramatic result and take longer to work, making an in-office solution the preferred option among our patients.

To learn more about cosmetic dental care and which options would be best for you, call (504) 834-6504 to schedule an appointment with our dental office.

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