Full Mouth Reconstruction

With Charvet Dental Center

Full Mouth Reconstruction commonly refers to the restoration or rebuilding of all one's teeth in the upper and lower jaw. It does not only apply to one who is completely edentulous (missing all teeth) and in need of full dentures. Full mouth reconstruction will allow the dentist to repair multiple problems in the mouth at one time.

Why Receive a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

You do not need to worry since we will sit down with you and go over all of the details of your unique procedure. With full mouth reconstruction, every patient will needs a slightly different treatment than someone else.

By customizing the treatment to each individual, Dr. Charvet and Dr. Charvet Jr. can help ensure you're completely satisfied with the result. There are multiple reasons why a patient may need full mouth reconstruction, including trauma, infection and long-term wear.


There is no need for a patient to live with a cracked or damaged set of teeth. In many cases, the patient may have experienced a traumatic accident and be in need of repairing a chipped tooth, while also simultaneously replacing another tooth that fell out. Since accidents can happen at any time, it is difficult to prepare for the possibility of damaging more than one tooth.

Through a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Charvet and Dr. Charvet Jr. will be able to repair the mouth, while also repairing the appearance and functionality of a patient's teeth.

If a patient experiences an accident that results in damage to the teeth, seeking an emergency dentist as soon as possible is a necessity. If a patient goes to a normal emergency room after damaging a tooth, the nurse will only be able to triage the wounds but not treat the condition. At Charvet Dental Center we will find the best treatment for each individual and recommend options that help to repair the damage.

Patients assume that the only option will be one that merely imitates the appearance of a natural tooth and that the patient will have to practice caution when eating for the rest of his or her life.

In reality, we can provide possible treatments such as dental implants, dental bonding, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges and more to help repair the appearance and functionality of the tooth. After a full mouth reconstruction at Charvet Dental Center, our patients will be able to smile confidently and eat what they like since our repairs are long-lasting and sturdy.


In other cases, a patient may lose multiple teeth to dental caries (tooth decay), gum disease or other infections. Upon infection, the dentist will do everything in his or her power to prevent the spreading. However, some patients may not visit the dentist at least once every six months and allow the infection to spread. If the infection spreads to the tooth, then there is a possibility that an extraction will be necessary.

When a patient has an infection, a root canal is one option to treat the tooth. A root canal allows Dr. Charvet and Dr. Charvet Jr. to remove the infected pulp and clean the area. We will plug up the hole with a dental filling following a root canal. In the cases where the tooth is removed due to infection, we may recommend a dental implant.

The dental implant is a titanium post that bonds with the jaw bone through osseointegration. We will also place a dental crown on top of the implant to create a sturdy and natural-looking tooth.

If the infection has spread to multiple teeth, Charvet Dental Center will recommend the best option for treating the infection and repairing one's teeth.

Long-term wear

For some people, proper dental care is not a common part of daily life. When one chooses to not practice proper dental care, the teeth wear down more quickly as a result. Acid from certain foods, types of citrus, beverages, acid reflux, grinding and more are all causes for a patient to lose his or her teeth more quickly.

At Charvet Dental Center we can monitor the teeth at least once every six months and help patients remain healthy. For patients who experience these issues on a regular basis and have teeth that are wearing down, we can use full mouth reconstruction to address multiple issues.

Reconstruction Methods

At Charvet Dental Center we will ensure that each patient receives the best full mouth reconstruction for his or her needs. Dr. Charvet and Dr. Charvet Jr. can reconstruct a mouth with a variety of dental tools and options at our disposal.

The tools, options and restorations for a full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures
  • Root canal

These are only a few of the possible treatment options.

The difference between a full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dental care is that a full mouth reconstruction is a necessity and not a choice. Our team is skilled in full mouth reconstructions and will make sure the final product is to the patient's liking.

Some patients may have concerns over the price of full mouth reconstructions and avoid the necessary treatment. The longer one goes without the necessary treatment, the great the pain and risk. For instance, an adult who loses a tooth and does not seek treatment will allow the jaw to weaken over time. If the jaw weakens enough, then there will not be a way to install a dental implant in the gap.

In other cases, a gap can become infected just as a tooth can; especially if the individual does not keep it clean. The full mouth reconstruction process will take multiple appointments to customize the restoration and then install it.

However, it will be worth it since the restoration will give back the complete functionality of the teeth. Dr. Charvet and Dr. Charvet Jr. will be careful and precise during the installation process, making sure that each restoration is complete to perfection.

Start Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you or a loved one are in need of a full mouth reconstruction for any reason, do not hesitate to call Charvet Dental Center at 504-834-6504 and schedule an appointment today.

Our staff will go over all concerns and questions that you may have before the appointment. Once you arrive for the appointment, we will make sure that you completely understand the procedure and what happens after.

Call and begin a new life with a full set of healthy, natural-appearing, functional teeth from Dr. Charvet or Dr. Charvet Jr.