Dental X-Rays: Important Information to Know

Dental X-rays can cause anxiety and uncertainty in many, and having a general understanding of what exactly a dental X-ray is and why they are needed can help calm any nerves that may exist. For many dentists, dental X-rays are […] Continue Reading

4 Reasons To Have Your Teeth Straightened

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Can Mercury Leak From Mercury Fillings?

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What Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth? 5 FAQs About Wisdom Teeth

Looking for IMPACTED WISDOM TOOTH INFO near the 70002 area? Call Charvet Dental Center at (504) 208-4751. Looking for more information on an impacted wisdom tooth? Not everyone has enough room in their mouth for these third set of molars […] Continue Reading

Common Tooth Decay Symptoms

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Permanent Teeth Facts You Should Know

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At Home vs Professional Teeth Whitening

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Commonly Asked Questions About White Fillings

Find the answers to common questions about white fillings. There are benefits that come with getting white fillings vs. the traditional silver fillings, which is why they are a commonly chosen filling choice. Read on to learn more.

Dental Bridge or Dental Implant – Which Solution is Right for You?

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Daily Oral Hygiene Checklist for Healthy Teeth

Adhering to a daily checklist of dental tasks is essential to keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Stick to a daily oral hygiene regimen, and you will not have to deal with gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath […] Continue Reading