Seven Ways to Prepare for Your First Dental Visit

Here at Charvet Dental Center, we believe that choosing a dental home for your family is a big deal! While new journeys are always exciting, they may also leave you feeling a little nervous even if it’s something you know will benefit you in the long run. This is particularly true if you’re not sure what to expect at your first appointment with our office. We want you to feel confident when you come into our Metairie office, from your first visit to your last, so we’ve put together seven ways to prepare for your first dental visit!

Your first visit is one of the most important you’ll have with us since this is our chance to meet and get to know each other! At this appointment, we’ll go over any concerns you have about your oral health and your goals for your smile. Keep reading below to learn more about your first visit with Charvet Dental Center!

Welcome to Charvet Dental Center

When you first enter our Metairie office, you’ll be warmly welcomed and shown around by one of our helpful team members. After making sure you’re comfortable, we’ll go over your medical and dental history, get to know your dental hygiene routine, and listen to your health concerns. 

We’ll spend some time showing you how to properly care for your teeth at home, giving you the confidence to maintain a healthy smile. Next, one of our dental hygienists will clean your teeth. Your doctor will then conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth and ask any relevant questions, such as if you’ve had difficulties with chewing, swallowing, or opening and closing your mouth. Your doctor will be able to make any necessary diagnosis and give you an accurate course of treatment for you and your unique smile.

At Charvet Dental Center, we never want you to feel like we’re rushing you through your appointments, especially the first one! This will likely be the longest visit of your orthodontic journey. In most cases, it will take around an hour, since we’re just getting to know each other and you may have additional questions at this initial visit. The team at Charvet Dental Center takes pride in treating each and every patient according to their unique care needs, lifestyle, and smile goals. By customizing our approach in this way, we’re able to consistently produce beautiful results that last!

Seven Ways to Prepare for Your First Dental Visit

Investing in a healthier smile

Alright, now that you know a little more about what to expect at your first visit, let’s dive into what you can do to get prepared! Check out these seven ways to prepare for your first dental visit:

Choose a dentist you can trust

Choosing someone to care for you and your family’s smile long-term can feel daunting. However, with a little research and communication, you can find your perfect fit. 

Confirm your appointment

This may seem small, but confirming the details of your appointment can help ensure that you keep your appointment!

Sleep well the night before your visit

You may think this is unrelated, however, a good night’s sleep can help ease any anxiety you may feel about your appointment. Many people deal with anxiety surrounding doctor visits of any kind, so this can be incredibly helpful!

Brush up on what to expect

Getting informed on what will happen at your first appointment is another great way to ease any jittery nerves. If it’s your child’s first dental visit, be open and honest with them about what to expect. It can even be helpful to read some fun books about the dentist to ease the nerves!

Arrive a few minutes early

At your first visit, you’ll have some forms to fill out and provide us with your insurance information. Arriving a few minutes early can give you some extra time to make sure you have everything you need and not feel stressed!

Prepare any questions ahead of time

If you’re visiting the dentist for a regular checkup, you may not have any questions out of the ordinary. However, if you’ve been feeling any type of pain or discomfort while chewing, speaking, or any other regular motions, make a note to let your dentist know. Being prepared with questions can ensure you get the best possible dental care for your unique needs. 

Let your dentist know if you feel anxious

If you feel worried about your appointment or any necessary procedures, be honest with your dentist! We’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable before we do anything. Your doctor will take all the time you need to be sure you feel calm and comfortable with your treatment. 

Seven Ways to Prepare for Your First Dental Visit

Find your dental home at Charvet Dental Center

You only get one smile and we believe you should only trust an expert to give you the care you deserve! Dr. Hunter Charvet, Jr. at Charvet Dental Center is trained to give you the professional care and attention to detail your smile needs. Our team provides every patient with a warm welcome and rewarding experience from start to finish at every visit. You’ll never receive one-size-fits-all treatment here – we give every patient individualized care for their unique smile! 

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to a healthier smile, contact Charvet Dental Center today and schedule your initial visit!