The Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

Good oral health is essential for overall well-being, and having a family dentist can make maintaining it easier. From coordinating appointments to building trust with your dental care provider, there are many advantages to choosing a single dental clinic for all family members.

Let’s explore the various benefits of having your family go to the same dentist. 


When your family is established at one dental office, it’s undoubtedly convenient. You can easily coordinate appointments and minimize missed time from work or school. Plus, all your family’s records are kept in the same place, eliminating confusion with different dentists’ offices. Sometimes you can squeeze in multiple family members on the same day; one trip for 2+ people.

Comprehensive Care

When you have a family dentist, they can track your oral health over time and provide preventative care for all ages. They also become familiar with any potential genetic dental issues that might affect certain members of the family, such as misalignment or overcrowding of teeth. This allows them to provide comprehensive care more quickly and accurately. 

Established Relationship

Going to the same dentist for years helps your family develop a relationship with them and their staff. Kids, in particular, may feel more comfortable in a familiar setting rather than adjusting to a new environment whenever they need to see the dentist. And since you’re already familiar with one another, it is easier to open up and discuss any concerns you may have. Building that level of trust is vital for effective dental care.

About 36% of people living in the United States experience a fear of dental treatments, with 12% experiencing extreme levels of anxiety. Creating trust and getting to know your dentist can make a difference to anxiety-prone patients and their families. The dentist will understand what causes you stress and can help you feel more comfortable. While you, as the patient, can get to learn their techniques so you know what to expect every step of the way.


One dentist for the whole family can also save money in the long run. For example, skipping around to different dentists can cost more money. When you’re with a dentist long-term, you know their prices. When you venture to a different dentist every time, you need treatment can cause wide price variations, making it difficult to budget.

A family dentist can also help you get the most out of your insurance coverage. Most insurance companies provide discounts and incentives for regular checkups, so having one dentist you visit regularly can help maximize these benefits. With an established relationship, your family dentist can more accurately diagnose any problems quickly since they are already familiar with each patient’s dental history. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Can You Bring Your Young Child to A Family Dentist?

Some people assume you have to use a pediatric dentist for young children. However, a family dentist can provide quality care for kids of all ages. It is important to find a dentist that is experienced in treating children and comfortable working with them. At Charvet Dental Center, our experienced staff provides specialized treatments tailored to the unique needs of children. 

Choosing a family dentist is an important decision and can benefit all members of your family. Convenient scheduling, comprehensive care, an established relationship, and cost-effectiveness are some advantages you can enjoy when you opt for one dental clinic for everyone in the family. 

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